My name is Ney, a Software Engineering student at the University of California, Irvine. Or more simply a 22-year old (going 23!) who’s an avid baker and gamer. Lately I’ve been wanting to do more baked goods that taste good. So I’ve been experimenting with spices! At the very latest, I’ve been enamored with the spices used in chai tea, so I incorporate that into my bakes as well. But more than taste, I’ve wanted to give bread baking a try since I’ve been too scared to before! So perhaps expect to see a couple of bread recipes to pop up.

Other than baking, I did mention I like games. I’ve been playing Minecraft for 4 years now, and work part-time at this company called Connected Camps that hold all kinds of interesting summer camps using their Minecraft servers! It’s awesome. I also play Overwatch a ton. I generally never play FPS games, but because Overwatch is all about teamwork, I’m hooked! I like teaming up with people, and it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I play a game and know that I didn’t let the team down! Also the improvement aspect, I like to see my improvement, and boy have I improved a lot. But aside from playing games, I’ve been trying to get into making games as well. Learning the tools needed along the way. Currently working with a group of friends on a game, working on story, maps, and scripting, so I hope we finish it soon! It’s an enjoyable endeavor to say the least.